venerdì 28 giugno 2013

Sunboo Dark

  photo IMG_1637.jpg

Simple outfit I wore yesterday to visit my friends for lunch, I always wanted to wear this beautiful Glavil long t-shirt like a dress and finally I did it! I also wore this wig for the second time, I still don't know if it suits me well or not, but I tried to sell it without any results so...I decided to give it another chance!

 photo IMG_1642jpgoriginal.jpg

Hat Ebay - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Sunglasses Sunboo - Shirt Glavil - Boots Glad News

The outfit is really fresh, perfect for summer, but because the weather wasn't so hot I wore my Glad News boots and I really like the final result, they give to the outfit something more!

 photo IMG_1643jpgoriginal.jpg

Did you notice something new? It was the first time I did some pictures with sunglasses XD! I think my face is really strange and I don't look good with sunglasses, but this pair is just awesome and for the first time I thought I look good with them! What do you think? The brand Sunboo is a local brand that sell only sunglasses in wood! They're super light, comfy and special, I fall in love with this model!

 photo IMG_1852.jpg

From the website:
"Enjoy Sunboo sunglasses, a new concept of sunglasses inspired by the idea of “fashionable nature”, sense of freshness and dynamism which lets you personalize your own style and be whatever you’ve always dreamed to be. Do not be like others.
Sunboo Sunglasses are 85% hand-made and guarantee both bamboo and wood high quality"

I really like the concept behing the creations of this sunglasses, they're unique :D, I also bought another really cheap pair of sunglasses from ebay and I'm waiting for a new parcel from Japan...I'm totally broke in this moment XD but I'm happy with all of my new things eheh.

lunedì 24 giugno 2013

Review: Eos Adult blue circle lens

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*sponsored review*

New circle lens review, this time sponsored by my favorite shop LoveShoppingholics (if you forgot to read my two previous reviews about their service and lenses check them!), I was not compensated in any way with this review, all my opinions wrote here are my own honest appraisals of the lenses and their service! I was able to choose a pair from all their collection so I decided to take my first light blue lenses, EOS Adult blue circle lens.

 photo blue.jpg

 photo IMG_1538.jpg

I always love their care about the packaging, you will receive your lenses in a cute gift box in their little bottles and a super cute animal case! I also received a lovely letter with the advice to put the lenses in my solution for 8 hours before wearing them, it’s really important to do that ^^!

 photo IMG_1552.jpg

 photo IMG_1555.jpg

Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal
 photo lenti.jpg

My natural color is brown and I’m always searching for natural lenses that can cover my own color, this pair is really good and it gives a great and natural light color to my dark eyes! I love this color because is not the classic light blue, it seems a mix between blue and purple! They are also really comfortable, which for me is the most important thing ‘cause my eyes are really sensible. I’m really satisfied with this lenses, they have all the things I want and they’re also available with prescription (like mine!).

 photo IMG_1628.jpg

 photo IMG_1625.jpg

Color 5/5: The color is really special, I didn’t see something similar from other blue lenses!
Design 4/5: the design is really classic, but it blends really well my dark eyes especially in real life.
Enlargement 3/5: the diameter is little, perfect for little eyes like mine and for natural look.
Comfort 5/5: they’re really comfortable, I highly recommend them if you have sensible eyes.

-          Really great and special color
-          Super comfortable
-          Perfect for natural look
-          Available with prescription

-          Not apt for who is searching a big enlargement effect

venerdì 21 giugno 2013

Summer Haul

It’s time to make a new haul post! I can say I bought a little too much during the past months XD firstly I ordered these three beauties from Ghost of Harlem because I really needed something new for the summer and I also received as a present this fabulous Glad News boots from my boyfriend I felt really guilty XD because I realized only half of my my little spring wish list and I made a new big order with pastel clothes I totally didn’t except to make ahahah (but you know, when you want something and you have some money…you forget all of your plans). Sooo let’s start with the things I needed and were in my wish list:

 photo IMG_1190-1.jpg

Francesco Milano sandals, I found them luckily like two months ago on ebay for half of their original price so I decided to take them! The quality is really good and I love all the little spikes and chains details!

 photo IMG_1392.jpg

Lush hair masks. I don’t know their English names ‘cause they are totally different in Italian, but they are (I think) the only two masks for dry hair and I can say they are the best hair products I ever tried! Finally my hair are super soft and not dry and ugly like straw XD. I hope to try new products from Lush when I’ll have the opportunity!

 photo IMG_1529-1.jpg

Candy Stripper replica shoes. I’m not a pro-replica person, if I find something original I surely buy it but this pair of shoes are so impossible to find also on auction so I decided to take them on taobao because I really love the model (also they have been not available in Candy stripper's site for so long so I don’t think I damaged them XD and in the future if I will find the original one I’ll buy them)

 photo cats-32.jpg

Finished the list of needed things I’ll start the one full of things I didn’t need XD *coff. 
Firstly I did some shopping at the local store Terranova and I found a lot of cute things but I decided to take only the mint t-shirt because it reminds me a lot a model from Listen Flavor and I haven’t something in this color in my closet, it was  really cheap! The skirt was a lovely gift by my boyfriend *_*.

 photo IMG_1401.jpg

I also bought from h&m a cheap crossed print dress! There were a lot of things with the same print also in different colors!

 photo IMG_1551.jpg

I ordered a bunch of new tights from ebay and taobao! I know the summer is here but I cannot resist , I’m sure will use them a lot in the next autumn!

 photo IMG_1527.jpg

I also bought over lace skirt for cult party kei outfits from taobao! I found so many lace things there it’s really hard to chose only a few things! It’s really similar to the skirts from Etsuna Otsuka!

 photo IMG_1531.jpg

One of my favorite last purchases is this dress with cats and crosses! You know I LOVE cats and crosses and when I saw it I couldn't resist buying it! I’m not really sure but it’s maybe a replica from E Hyphen world. Please dear autumn came back soon, I need to wear this lovely dress soon T_T.

 photo IMG_1534-1.jpg

I also bought two cheap headbands with roses on taobao, I’m sure I will use them in a lot of differents outfits!

 photo IMG_1394.jpg

For makeup I bought a cheap set of lower lashes from ebay for around 1,50 euro XD they’re really good and I didn’t expect this! I waited like three weeks but I’m really happy I bought them and saved so many money! The Too Faced blush was a present from my mum, we had a huge Sephora discount so we decided to make a little shopping there and for me I chose only this blush (my mother went crazy and bought the impossible XD), the quality is so good and I love the color, a lovely pink shade with some little gold glitters! The coral nail polish was a present from my bf’s sister, I didn’t own everything in this color and I’m really curious to try it! I also bought a new mint kiko nail polish (n.389), a kiko stick eyeshadow (n.11) and a lip tint from essence in color hot red (which isn’t so red when you wear it).

 photo IMG_1535.jpg

A new wig! The color is ash blonde also if it’s really hard to see well in my picture.

 photo IMG_1541.jpg

And for last after 7 months without buying lolita dresses thanks to my boyfriend’s help I had the opportunity to take one of my big lolita wishes, the Vampire requiem jsk! I tried to take it 3 fucking times after his first release but every time it went badly, I’m super happy to finally have this beauty in my hands after so long time!

martedì 18 giugno 2013

Party sunday

Sunday I spent the whole afternoon and evening with my friends, we decided to go out to Atri for the first time (Grazia’s town), I went there just a few times so I’m always happy to visit little towns I don’t really know! The only bad things were the super hot weather and the roads (because Atri is on the hills every road is a climb and declivity incessant), for this reason I dressed up really simply and with low-heel shoes eheh XD! We took a little beak in a bar and then we walked around a cute park where we took some pictures!

 photo IMG_1502.jpg

 photo IMG_1505.jpg

 photo IMG_1521-1.jpg
I love this top **

 photo IMG_1524-1.jpg

 photo cats2-2.jpg

Choker Ghost of Harlem – Top, skirt, necklace Glavil – Shoes Sango – Bag Algonquins

It has been a while since I wore a full gyaru outfit, I’m also really happy with my hair and my makeup, it’s really rare for me XD! I will wear a lot my extensions during summer ‘cause I don’t think I will be able to wear wigs very often with this hot weather, so I need to try new hair styles, let me know if you have something to suggest me!

 photo IMG_1509.jpg
Group picture with my lovely friends *u*

When we came back home we prepared  the dinner! We ate A LOT XD but everything was so damn delicious it was impossible to resist! I didn’t make a picture of the yummy pasta made by Grazia, I was in a hurry to eat XD 

 photo cats-33.jpg

 photo IMG_1804.jpg

And lastly a ootd-video recorded with Vine the same day! I love this app *_* I’m a bit addicted to it ahahah (and I’m sorry for so much camwhoring in this post XD)

How do you spend your summer? You have a lot of university exams to do like me or you are on holiday? I would like so much to do a little travel but it's impossible ç_ç

venerdì 14 giugno 2013


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Summer has arrived also in Italy, I’m not a fan of summer as you know because is always too damn hot here, but in this period the weather is “ok” so I don't suffer when I dress up or I wear a wig XD I spent most of my days relaxing with my boyfriend or going out! I also had the opportunity to eat out a lot and tried some new plates, yay! My little holidays gave me also time to cook something after a long time XD I’m not really happy to start studying again very soon…

 photo pec.jpg

I also had some time to wash most of my wigs yay! I don’t understand why there are some people (cosplayers or not) that NEVER wash their wigs….after a convention day I always put everything I wore to wash ahahah maybe I can explain this way why every time I go to a convention I feel such a disgusting smell also if it’s morning and the convention just opened :°D.

Cap ebay – T-shirt Bershka – Belt Jennyfer – Skirt ACDC rag – Tights ebay – Shoes taobao

Simple outfit from the past days, the first time I was able to wear this t-shirt I bought during winter time XD the cap is a new coming in my closet and I LOVE it!
I’m really happy these days because I’m waiting for three parcels *u* I cannot resist anymore to have my new things in my hands, I’m also thinking about doing a eye makeup tutorial ‘cause some of you asked me for it, also if I find my daily makeup really boring XD but I would like to make something more colorful and special so I hope to do it soon!