martedì 30 agosto 2016


Hat h&m - Wig Uniwigs - Dress Killstar - Belt Dresslink - Shoes Quanticlo

I loved this Killstar dress since the first time I saw it on the website, I'm glad I finally have it in my hands, it's something really cozy but at the same time cool, it makes you feel really edgy ahah! I love the fringes all around the dress, even if it's the xs size it is a bit loose on the waist but with a belt the problem is solved! This thing makes me think about belts: I really love them but it's hard to find cool models for affordable prices, I'm looking for a smaller one for the waist with the classic huge buckle but it seems it's not easy to find, let me know if you saw something like this! The wig is new too, it's super soft and the lace front is really well done, I'm totally into grey and violet wigs lately as you can see ahahah my collection grew a lot! I hope to find some free time soon to film the wig collection asap!

domenica 28 agosto 2016

Swan heart

Headbow Angelic Pretty - Onepiece Baby Ponytail - Gloves Accessorize - Shoes Vivienne Westwood

It has been a really long time since my latest sweet lolita coord! I'm currently more into gothic and classic lolita looks, but sometimes is nice to be back to something more sweet but at the same time elegant. I'm in love with this dress, the quality is AMAZING, I don't joke when I say it has the same glorious quality of brands items (I have a lot of them in my closet), every detail is so well done, the print is perfect and look how cute the swans are! It comes in a lot of sizes so I'm sure you'll find the right one for you, I choose the size S and it's totally perfect! I'm always really happy and proud to show you indie brands with such great quality and talent, I really hope to see more gorgeous dresses from Baby Ponytail soon! Check their website for more!

giovedì 25 agosto 2016

Army green

Hat Romwe - Skirt Romwe - Sandals Quanticlo - Necklaces Kookizare, Bornprettystore - Rings BornprettyStore & Primark

It's the first time I wear an army green skirt, I think it's a nice touch to black coords to make them more casual, the tiny buttons details (which are obviously fake) are really cute! The skirt was already really detailed so I decided to pair it with simple black items but with a lot of accessories! I love wearing tons of necklaces with different lenghts ahah! I'm really tired to share only simple coords lately because the weather is still fucking hot in my country, but I hope to shoot something autumnal soon (and I have in my schedule for this weekend a new lolita outfit finally)! I have so many cool light jackets I can't wait to show you ahah 

martedì 23 agosto 2016

Stay weird

Hat h&m - Top Romwe - Skirt Romwe - Shoes Yru - Wig Everydaywigs

Recently I'm trying to go out of my comfort zone and test new things, colors, and shapes like this wig! You know I have a huge wig collection but I hadn't something like this, three gradient colors with some of my absolutely favorite ones! It's not really easy to find wig like this around so I'm really happy I had the chance to test this one, the quality is really good and the lace front well done! I paired it with a simple black x white coord (i'm not a big fan of strange colored hair with colorful coords, I don't know I think they look like a mess ahah) with my new alien crop top and my usual fake leather skirt, I can't wait to wear it again soon with tights and boots for autumn! The lipstick is the Nyx liquid Suede in Stone Fox, if you're looking a good quality and cheap grey lipstick this one would be perfect for you :D

domenica 21 agosto 2016

All black everything

Hat h&m -  Wig Evahair - Top Romwe - Skirt Romwe - Boots Quanticlo - Necklace Rogue + Wolf

Hi guys and happy Sunday! I hope you had a great weekend, I'm currently studying for my latest exams for this year, finally I'll be free for a little period in October, I can't wait to be on holiday too like everyone else ahah! I recently got some new items to show you, all this outfit except the accessories is new: the skirt is really beautiful and has good quality (the top too!) but I don't like how it fits me :( I don't know why I always look chubby in pics when I'm totally not irl. I also got a new wig from Evahair, the quality is amazing and it's super soft and easy to comb even if it's super long (and in my experience finding a very long wig which is easy to comb is realy hard!), this is the coolest wig for witchy style looks :D the gradient effect is very well done! You can use the code "10OFF1STORDER" for a 10% discount on your first order!

giovedì 18 agosto 2016


Wig Donalove hair (discount code "vanilla") - Necklace Vivienne Westwood - Dress Unif - Boots Quanticlo

Hi guys! Another super simple summer coord wearing one of my favorite dresses. The Unif Stray Midi dress, I got it from a friend some months ago and I'm totally in love with it! I also have the white shorter version (maybe you remember it here), I'm becoming a huge fan of long/midi dresses, I can't believe I added them in my collection just the past year, I always though they will look bad on short people like me but I was totally wrong! They're super comfy and perfect for this season, especially on windy days when I always fear to show my underwear around ahah! Do you have some pieces of clothes or accessories you totally thought they wouldn't suit you but made you changed your mind? I'm really curious to read your experiences!

domenica 14 agosto 2016

Pre-fall cheap outfit ideas

Hi guys!
Another cheap outfit ideas post with some items for the summer's end! Days started to be a bit fresh during the evening/night so many of this looks can be easily used in this period too :)

Casual tartan

This is my favorite casual look for autumn! Maybe you can remember a similar outfit I did the past year (check it here), long tartan blouses are super comfy and my favorite items to give a touch of color to my coords. This idea is perfect for a back to school look! Creepers are always a must have for the season and the fake leather backpack is super cute with the tiny skulls and stars studs.

Elegant lace

In my country you can definitely wear something like this untill late September without freezing ahah! I love over the knee boots paired with fake leather items and lace, this is definitely something I would wear for sure! I did a similar outfit in this case too but with a long sleeve top (you can see it here!)

All black comfy look

The last outfit is my daily look for autumn, I love pairing simple tennins black skirt with my favorite platform boots (this one is really cute don't you think?) with plain black long sleeves tops with strings detail, I already have a bunch like these in my closet and I love them!

I hope you liked these cheap ideas, let me know of course if you want another post like this with some more layered outfits! Don't forget to check also my latest summer lookbook video HERE, I know you can see everwhere back to school videos but I'm always late ahah!

giovedì 11 agosto 2016


Hat h&m - Necklaces Rogue+Wolf, Weirdbrain creation - Dress SheIn - Sandals Quanticlo

I have always the most colorful outfits! Ahahah when I don't dress up full black...I go grey! This dress is really cute, it has a lot of lovely details in the upper part and the asymmetrical cut is not easy to find in shops recently. I think it's a nice choice when you don't want to wear something black but at the same time you don't feel really good with light colors, grey is always a nice choice ahah! Let me know if you have the same problem like me :P I totally don't feel myself with something too bright or colorful.