mercoledì 30 novembre 2016

Pale pink

Hat Romwe - Choker Zaful - Dress Zaful - Rings Bornprettystore - Shoes Quanticlo - Wig Donalovehair (discount code: vanilla)

Really fancy look this time perfect for an elegant or special occasion, my life is currently really boring and I haven't many chance to wear fancy clothes like this, but it's always great to have the opportunity to create so many different looks :D one of the coolest thing of the blogging activity for me is this, creating and experiencing different styles, colors, shapes, even the ones I hadn't the courage to try before! This dress is really pretty, I really like the contrast between the pale pink part and the black laces, I also tried to add a lot of different materials, like velvet for the choker, the patent leather for the bag, suede for the shoes, this is a really simple way to create something not boring with just one color! (I look so basic with super soft makeup and without fake lashes ahahah definetely not for me XD but the quality of these Zoeva eyeshadows is amazing!)

martedì 29 novembre 2016

SammyDress Black Friday Giveaway

Hi guys!
Super fast giveaway for you :D we all know Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are amazing, for this reason Sammydress gave me the chance to organize a fast giveaway for all of you!  
10 winners will be chosen for a 100$ coupon! Sammydress will chose and publish the winners between all the blog's readers who joined this special Black Friday giveaway (not just me!)

It's super easy to join it:
- leave me a comment with your favorite product! You can check here for some ideas :D
- leave also your email!

The giveaway will end tomorrow so don't forget to join it really soon!

lunedì 28 novembre 2016

Grey plaid

Hat h&m - Dress SheIn - Coat SheIn - Tights Calzedonia - Boots Quanticlo - Wig Donalovehair (discount code: vanilla)

Happy Monday guys! I hope you had a great start of your week :) it's currently raining here in Italy and the weather is rally cold, the perfect day for blogging, studying and drinking hot tea! This look is kinda different from my usual, but sometime it's nice to try new things and this coordinate is perfect for an elegant afternoon. I have been looking for a grey plaid jacket like this forever and this one is absolutely perfect, great shape and material, I'm totally in love and I can't wait to make more casual looks with it. The dress is also really cute and elegant, it's a bit sheer so you have to wear something under it but I think it's the classic black dress perfect for a lot of different occasions and season, it fits really well too! I'm currently studying for some new exams but I really want to film a new video about the presents I got for my birthday!

sabato 26 novembre 2016

Review: white/silver curly wig Uniqso

Hi guys! Long time since my last wig review :D some months ago I was looking for a wig for my Corrin cosplay, when I saw this curly white/silver one from my favorite shop Uniqso I had to get it! I think it's a perfect wig for lots of different cosplays and of course j-fashions and pastel goth styles, even if it's signed for Rosiel from Angel Sanctuary!

This is how the wig looks like in the website.

These are my own pictures and as you can see it's like the website image :D 10/10 for the accurancy!

Shipping: I got it with the slowest shipping method in around one month, it's the best option to get it for a really cheap price and without the customs :D. I got it in a nice plastic bag and the conditions were totally perfect! Really recommended if you aren't in hurry.

Quality: the quality is totally AMAZING, the curls are really well done and easy to comb, the fringe is really long and perfect to change the hair style for your needs. The fiber has a really great quality, I wore it for a lot of hours during a convention (when I shot the pics) and as you can see it's still perfect! It was really easy to cut and style, totally recommended!

Final thoughts: I think this wig is really great in all the ways :D cheap price, amazing quality and simple style perfect to fit a lot of different cosplays and styles! You can get it here!

Quality ★★ really high quality fiber!
 Color ★  great white/grey color
 Softness ★ super smooth and easy to comb 

Don't forget you can always use the code "vanilla" for a 10% discount on your Uniqso order! :D

mercoledì 23 novembre 2016

Cheap outfit ideas (Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts!)

Hi guys!
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost here so I decided to create a post with some cool items I really like with incredible discounts :D we all love shopping especially with really good sales ahah! I added all the trendy items I like for this season, I hope you like them! Let me know of course if you like this kind of post ;)


Backpacks are a trend and I can't be more happy! I always loved them even when it was really difficult to find cool ones, my favorite is of course the velvet one, so tiny and cute and it's also available in different colors (I love so much the burgundy one!). The second is a cute cat printed one, on the website it's called "fox" but i think it's a cat ahah let me know what do you think :P, it's super cute and perfect for school. The last one is Luna inspired and I see it everywhere, but this one is super cheap thanks to the Black Friday discounts! All of them are incredible cute and cheap so check them!

Roses prints

I saw a lot of girls on Instagram wearing this kind of sweater with roses over the sleeves  or on the front/back and I fell in love with this trend! I already have the second one but t-shirt version  (you can see it here) and the quality is amazing, I really love the other two sweaters too and I can't wait to get one of them soon!

Fur Coats

You already know I'm such a big fan of fake fur coats! I already have a leopard one and a black one (I think it's the same one of the pic!) in my collection, they fit perfectly my style, really cozy but at the same time you can create more elegant looks. The camouflage one is something I never saw before and I think it's such a cool idea creating a fur coat with this print (which is also another trend this season :D).

Dr Martens style boots

Dr Martens are always a must have but I know not every people can afford them (especially their limited velvet edition, which are really difficult to find!) so I think these three models are a nice idea if you're looking something similar but with a very good price :D I love the highter platform on the two black models, because the classic DrMartens boots are way too low for my taste.

This all for this tiny cheap outfit ideas post :D I hope you liked it and found some cool purchase, you can see some other cool discounts here!

lunedì 21 novembre 2016


Hat River Island - Choker SheIn - Tee Romwe - Jacket Romwe - Skirt Romwe - Shoes Yru

Hi guys! Another super cozy look with some new items I really like, sometimes I can wear total black coords which aren't witchy style ahah! Bomber jackets are a must this season, I have many of them in my closet but I totally missed a black one like this, the patches around are a nice touch to give more personality to it :D! The tee is also new and I LOVE it so much, the embriodery is perfectly done especially on the back, the quality is really amazing and I'm sure it will last for a long time! I'm always really happy to share with you some cheap items with really good quality, I noticed that every year local shops drop in quality and it's really hard to find something well done, so I hope my little tips can help you! Today is my birthday, I already ate the cake my mum made for me and got so many lovely presents :D I'll do a proper party in the weekend but I'm so happy that many people took their time to made me the wishes, thank you so much everyone!

sabato 19 novembre 2016


Wig Donalovehair - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Top SheIn - Skirt Romwe - Boots Quanticlo

This is the first time in my life I like a short wig on me and I still can't believe it! I recently got this gorgeous one from Donalove hair and I fell in love with it, the color is an amazing shade of grey with a perfect gradient effect in blue, it's still a bit puffy because it's new but I think it will get a great natural shape using it :D you can also use the code "vanilla" for a discount on your order
I also received some new fashion items like this green suede skirt I saw a lot on Instagram in the past months, I don't feel really comfortable with bodycon skirts and dresses but this one is super comfy and I don't dislike how it fits me ahah! There are so many items I would love to try but I always end up choosing the usual shapes because I'm too afraid they won't fit me TuT

giovedì 17 novembre 2016

Satin ribbons

Beret h&m - Sweater SheIn - Shorts Delphine - Choker SheIn - Tights Tally Weijl - Boots Dr Martens

Hi guys! I recently joined the new kawaii.i contest with this outfit :D it has been one of my favorite online shows for years, I would be really happy if you vote for me HERE just clicking the vote button, thank you very much everyone for your always kind support ;_;! Talking about the look: it is inspired by Amiaya looks (they're judges in this competion!) I always loved their Harajuku style and I think it's great 'cause it's special and with a lot of details but at the same time really comfy and with neautral colors! I don't like the general idea of kawaii like something childish and only pastel colored, I think there are so many amazing cute styles with darker colors too! For example I think this sweater is adorable with these satin ribbons, I paired it with my favorite Dr Martens (with satin ribbons too!) and this gorgeous shorts from Delphine I got some months ago :D let me know what do you think of this look and of course your opinion about kawaii!